What is Shared Mail?

SharedPkg_2Reach every household in your target market for only pennies per piece! If you’re looking for a cost effective and flexible marketing tool that offers measurable results, look no further than shared mail.

Shared mail combines your marketing piece with those of other individual advertisers into one open mail package. Each participating advertiser pays only a fraction of the total 3rd class postage making shared mail an extremely affordable and effective part of the advertising strategy. Many types of businesses benefit from shared mail from national retailers like Rite Aid and Walmart, regional grocers like Hannaford & Shaw’s, down to local businesses like your favorite pizza shop!

What does a Shared Mail Package look like?
A shared mail package is made up of several advertising inserts (anything from a large postcard, 8.5 x 11 single sheet, up to a multi-page flyer) held loosely together by a 4 page flyer designed to be the wrap. In addition to holding the shared mail package together, the wrap is designed with a white area to be used for addressing and the postal permit. Since there is only one wrap per market per mail date, this is a premium product and must be reserved on a first come first served basis.

Most shared mail providers offer turnkey solutions where they will help you to design, print, & mail your advertisement for one low price. Many also allow you to print and design your own piece and provide it to them for distribution. You should always talk with a representative from the mail house to confirm print and shipping specifications for pre-printed material.

Why should I use Shared Mail?
Shared mail provides strong reach (98% household saturation in most markets), is highly visible (no envelopes), cost-effective (often 1/3 the cost of mailing alone) and offers flexible targeting & distribution options.

Does Shared Mail Work?
Shared mail is relevant to the needs of every household … groceries, home and car care, dining, home improvement and much more.

• 79% of all households read or scan the direct mail they receive
• 92% of young adults say they would prefer to receive offers through the mail
• 39% of consumers say they try a business for the first time because of direct mail advertising.

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