TMM Business Profile

TMM is proud to share our business profile as it appears in the 2017 Fact Book:Doing Business in Maine by Mainebiz, Maine’s Business News Source. The article explores our 25 year history and offers insight into our unique business.


Shared Mail Works!
Let TMM show you how cost effective and successful a Shared Mail campaign can be.
Target Marketing 2017

“Most people take for granted those flyers that come in the mail—the ones that offer discounts and coupons from stores in their area.  The flyers actually come courtesy of Target Marketing Maine in Rockland, Maine’s largest Shared Mail program. The program reaches almost every home in Maine every week at only pennies per household for mailing, with one-stop shopping and turnkey pricing for graphic design, printing, and distribution.

Target Marketing Maine is about people — the businesses seeking to communicate with consumers and the consumers who benefit from sales and promotions. TMM provides the perfect vehicle to make those connections possible.”

Read the full article here: 2017 Fact Book: Doing Business in Maine