Spring Forward in 2017 [10 Tips for Spring Marketing Success] 1

SpringCloudSpring is not yet in the air, but you know it’s on its way and the winter blues are almost a cold memory.  Now is the time to start thinking about and implementing spring promotion ideas for your small business.  Get started now or get left behind in the spring seasonal rush.

Where do I start?

If you don’t have an annual marketing plan in place, now is the time to create one. Having a marketing strategy for the entire year will help you maintain a strong business year round and see consistent business growth. Hap-hazard marketing is simply not effective. If you have well planned campaigns in selected mediums that support one another you will get results.

If you have an annual plan, now is the time to review your plans for spring and early summer.  Make necessary adjustments and get started.

10 Tips for Spring Planning

  • Always start by looking back. What worked for you last year?  What would you change?
  • Know your holidays! Go beyond the obvious and plan your advertising, special events, and other marketing efforts around special dates in March, April, & May.
  • Once you have your event dates set, it is time to consider how you will promote them. Use a marketing planner to help keep you organized and on track.
  • Determine what mix of marketing channels will be part of your spring campaigns. Shared Mail, newspaper, TV? Don’t forget to include email and social media. Add this information to your planner including the desired ad dates and copy deadlines.
  • Meet with your staff to brainstorm creative designs for your marketing and decorating ideas for your storefront. Write your best ideas in the planner so they are handy.
  • Update your website and social media channels with spring themes and share information on your upcoming events.
  • Create to-do lists with deadlines for ordering supplies, inventory, decorations and coordinating with any outside vendors.
  • Be sure to consider any additional staffing needs or changes in your hours of operation for the season.
  • Check your planner daily and execute the necessary steps to ensure a successful spring season with less stress and more sales.
  • As you go through the 2017 spring season, be sure to track the results of your efforts and create a summary or re-cap of the season.  What worked and what didn’t? Why? What problems did you run into that you would like to avoid for next year? Include this summary at the bottom of your planner and file it for use when you are ready to plan for spring 2018.
  • Bonus: Looking for some great spring marketing ideas?  Check out this blog from Small Business Trends “21 Spring Marketing Campaigns”.



Ready to get started?  Contact us today and let one of our knowledgeable sales reps guide and assist you with a successful spring marketing campaign.

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  • Prosper Show

    These tips are definitely a big help to all entrepreneurs. It is important to have a follow up of your business. Check what are the things that need to be changed or upgrade. By doing so, is a guarantee of a continuous success.