Social Media Marketing: Where Do I Start?

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Where Do I Start?

By now you have heard and probably agree that Social Media Marketing is an important part of any successful marketing program. If this is new to your business it can be a bit overwhelming to sit down and think about where and how to get started. Looking for some guidance? We can help.

The most common recommendation we make to our customers when getting started with social media marketing is to start with a professional Facebook business page and be sure to have a solid strategy for making use of it. For businesses that already have a page in place, we recommend updating and optimizing that page.

This discussion usually leads to a number of common questions such as: Why should I use Facebook for marketing? Why should I pay TMM to create or optimize the page for me? What is involved in strategy planning? How am I going to make this work?

Here are some quick bullet points to help answer these questions.

Why Facebook?
• Facebook is a top source of traffic on the web
• Your customers and potential customers are on Facebook
• Your competitors are on Facebook
• Facebook is an excellent way to build awareness of your product or brand
• Provides the opportunity to start or join conversations
• SEO benefits for well designed pages filled with relevant content

Why Have TMM Create Your Page?
• Custom design to make your page stand out & appeal to a larger audience
• Differentiate yourself from your competitors
• Suggestions for best cover & profile pictures
Custom tab creation (individual pages used to describe products/services, collect emails, or run contests)
• Professional, custom writing with your goals and SEO in mind
• Knowledge of the rules & best practices
• Local sales & support staff
• We are able to work with you to integrate your Facebook marketing with other social media, online, and print marketing efforts

What is Included in the creation or optimization of a Facebook business page?
• A business page and creation of 2 custom tabs
• Custom written content for the 2 custom tabs
• Assistance with selecting profile & cover photo’s
• Professional write-up for the “about” section

How do we create your page?
Every business page must be tied to a personal profile. This is a Facebook rule. The most common way for us to create and manage your business page is for you to start a very basic business page within your personal profile and then make us an administrator for that page. We will walk you through that process. Keep us as administrator as long as you want us to have access and be able to make changes or updates to your page. Once we are done, you can remove us. As an administrator, we will only have access and control of your business account, not your personal account.

Then What?

Once your professional page has been created, let us work with you on creating and managing a content plan to be sure the pages always have fresh posts and photos. Our plans are customized to fit each business’ needs and goals. We monitor the performance and provide regular reports that will form the basis of adjustments for future plans.

We can also help with Facebook Ads (pay-per-click) which can be targeted based on location, demographics, and interests. Facebook Ads are relatively inexpensive and can help to reach audiences beyond current fans.

It sounds like a lot and quite frankly it is, but trends show that businesses that use online marketing and social media in general are far more successful than those who don’t. We are here to help you to successfully use Facebook to drive more business.

There are other companies that offer social media marketing, some are pretty good at it, and some are not. Many do not take the time to get to know your company and customize your pages or your content. They use basic canned images, writing, and posts with no thought as to how or if it will work for you. Our focus is on you and how we can make your social pages the best they can be.

Where do you start? Start by contacting us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives about all of our social and online marketing options.