Marketing Planner: October 1

October brings thoughts of the harvest, of family, of food and of course fun.  It is a relaxing and often peaceful time in between the rush of summer activities and the hectic holiday season.  The weather here in the Northeast is beautiful and allows for plenty of outside activities and early “leaf peepers”.  What’s not to like about October?

Start planning in early August for how best to feature your products and services for fall and beyond.  

Hot Topics for October

  • Fall – Harvest
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Halloween
  • Early Holiday Planning

What Can You Do?

Be Creative

Have some fun with marketing that focuses on what your customers are thinking about this time of year.  Be sure all of your messages match the season and be creative by celebrating unique observances such as:  International Coffee Day 1st (think about offering a free cup of coffee in your shop or handing out a few gift certificates for a local coffee shop), Frugal Fun Day 6th (provide ideas for frugal fun family activities on your social media pages), Wear Something Gaudy Day 17th (encourage your staff to dress gaudy and your customers to post pictures to your social media pages – definitely a conversation starter!).     l

Fall Harvest & Pumpkin Spice

Bring on the Pumpkins!  By now you should have inventory and store decorations that celebrate the fall season.  Even those businesses not in retail need to be mindful of the change in mindset as the leaves start to change color and pumpkin spice rules all.

Some things are just better with little pumpkin spice, some things well, maybe not.   Whether you are a fan of the craze or think it’s just plain crazy it does not matter – the season for everything pumpkin spice (and I mean everything) is here!  Create or share pumpkins spice memes on social media, ask for recipes, offer free samples of pumpkin spice related items.

October is chock full of other food related holidays and observances.  Here is an article with ideas just for restaurants and other food related retailers:

National Cat Day

People love their pets.  Even those who are on the subtler side of most topics seem to come alive when you ask them to talk about a beloved dog or cat.  Take advantage of National Cat Day on the 29th to get your customers talking!  Post pictures of your staff’s pets in the store and online.  Ask customers to bring in photos and share funny or heartwarming stories about their feline friends.  Put pet related items on sale and be funny and creative with signage.  Even if you do not have items or services that directly relate to cats you can take advantage of this day by being creative with wording and images for your store or social media posts. Extra credit – ask for photos of cats playing in a pile of leaves or dressed for Halloween and feature them all month long.


Halloween marketing is an excellent opportunity to shake up what your customers normally expect from you and grab their attention right before the busiest (and often most profitable) season of the year.  Need some ideas?  Check out this blog:     l

Holiday Season
It is never too early to start planning for a successful holiday season.  An easy and fun way to start is by creating holiday shopping & gift guides featuring your products or services or holiday “survival” guides for your customers.  Keep your business top of mind as fall merges into the busy holiday season by providing a teaser regarding upcoming holiday events or sales on your social media channels or through a customer email campaign.  The holiday season is right around the corner and it is time to get your small business ready for the busiest and often most profitable time of the year.


A bit of planning and marketing savvy now will bring big rewards in October and beyond.  Spend some time thinking about innovative new ways to market your business this fall and set yourself up for a fantastic holiday season.

Are you ready to get start planning for a successful October marketing campaign?  Contact us today!

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  • Keith

    Great information. I like the idea of getting staff and customers involved in making October a fun and profitable month!