Have a Holly Jolly Holiday (even if you are not in retail).

It seems that all marketing blogs are geared towards retailers this time of year. Does that mean that seasonal businesses, service professionals, and those in the B2B industries should simply sit back and wait for the New Year to begin? Of course not! Below are some tips for holiday marketing for businesses not in the typical holiday mix.

Stay top of mind
• Send holiday greeting to past and present customers.

• Use email and your social media accounts to send out helpful seasonal tips and reminders including information on local holiday events.

• Talk about seasonal themes in blog posts.

• Have a holiday related contest and give away your product/service as a prize.

• Decorate your business and your online presence with holiday theme.

• Participate in, or sponsor local holiday events.

• Hold your own event. Give customers a reason to spend time with you this holiday season. Be sure the event ties in with the products and services you provide and has a strong benefit to your customer.

• Advertise! If you want more business you must continue to advertise, even during your off season.

Cash in on holiday spending
• Have a holiday sale! Everyone is having a sale right? That is because it is what customers expect and are looking for this time of year. Be unique in your timing or with your offers to stand out.

• Offers gift certificates or a “pay now for discounted services later” special.

• Seasonal businesses should consider a “pop-up” sale to capture attention and provide an end of year boost to their income.

• Give back. The holidays are the perfect time of year to say “Thank You” to customers by sending out a special offer that can be redeemed after the holiday season is over.


The tips above should help you to stay top of mind and keep in touch with your customers during the busy holiday season. If this is a typically slow time of year for your business, take advantage of the extra time to finalize your marketing plans for the New Year. Setting your goals and outlining the tasks you need to accomplish them will help to set you up for success in 2017.


Contact a TMM sales representative to find out how Shared Mail can help you increase sales this holiday season and into the New Year. Contact us early in the planning process as we may have ideas to help you find success.