Happy Anniversary to Email!



Happy Anniversary!
Tomorrow is the anniversary of email. 32 years ago on August 30th 1982 Dr. VA Shiva Ayyadurai (now he has a doctorate, back then he was only 18!) was issued a copyright for “email” and all the fields that make up the body of an email as we know and use it today. Things moved quickly from that point on as the world grew hungry in its need to move faster and communicate at the speed of light.



“You’ve Got Mail”
Who remembers Eudora from 1988 or Lotus Notes in the early 90’s? And how about AOL who alerted us all that “You’ve Got Mail” in 1993 or the introduction in 1999 of mobile email and the official condition of Blackberry Thumb (there is a whole collection of web pages dedicated to diagnosing, treating, and preventing this condition – it’s real folks!). For that matter, who even remember life before email?


What’s a telex?
Being that it has been around for over 30 years, there is a large percentage of the population who probably does not remember a time before email or even a time when it was new and exciting. They have come of age already expecting to be able to instantaneously communicate with anyone, anytime with only a few keystrokes, no paper necessary. It has become so ingrained in our lives that many of us who came of age before 1982 have already forgotten what life was like when the telephone and mail were your only viable options for communicating with someone who was not in your immediate vicinity. Oh wait, there was the early telex if you were in business and had a secretary who could spend time in the telex room coordinating the timing, typing, & dialing so that your telex machine could “talk” to another. Yeah, I did that in the late 80’s. Imagine needing to do that today?

Of course we all survived life before email, but it hardly seems possible now. It will be a long time before something comes along that is easier and more universally accepted than email. Happy anniversary email, and here’s to many, many more.