Facebook: Building Your Presence the Right Way

Build Your Facebook Presence the Right Way

Build Your Facebook Presence the Right Way


So you have decided to take our advice and created a Facebook page for your business. Congratulations! Now it’s time to start to build your presence. Looking for a few hints to point you in the right direction? The following has been summarized from an excellent HubSpot blog posted earlier this month. Read the full post here for more details and more tips.

Taken from: 13 Things NOT to Do on Facebook – Written by Lindsay Kolowich

These days, most businesses have gotten the hint that they need to have a presence on Facebook. Searching for a business on Facebook and seeing they don’t have a Facebook Page garners the same reaction from users as searching for a business on Google and seeing they don’t have a website: You just don’t look legit.

But once you’ve created that business page, navigating the waters of building a Facebook presence is another matter entirely. How often should you post? When should you post? Why are your images all pixelated, and how can you fix them? Do you really have to respond to that troll?

Many of the most common mistakes businesses make on Facebook are entirely preventable. To help you avoid these pitfalls and operate your Facebook Page smoothly, we’ve listed out some of the most common mistakes businesses make on Facebook. Here’s what not to do.

  • Don’t create a profile instead of a page for your business. Facebook profiles are meant for people, while Facebook Pages are meant for businesses.
  • Don’t forget which account you’re posting from. You must have a personal page before you can manage a business page. Be sure you are posting your likes & comments as your business.
  • Don’t neglect to monitor the posts or comments on your page. The point of Facebook is to interact and engage with your customers and target audience.
  • Don’t ignore negativity. Respond respectfully and provide helpful information. Responding not only shows people you’re concerned about their happiness, but also that you’re engaged.
  • Don’t make your posts too long.
  • Don’t post click-bait. Sensational and often spam like headlines that don’t relate to the article posted.
  • Don’t assume you should only post during business hours.
  • Don’t post too often (but do post regularly.)
  • Don’t forget to experiment with targeting and ads.

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