Direct Mail is a Win for Political Candidates



“Direct Mail is a proven, cost effective, and extremely powerful political campaign tool that can help candidates, campaign committees, and political parties get their messages to voters”Source:  USPS





Direct mail works for political candidates because…

… it is cost effective.  With direct mail, you design a piece, have it printed at a reasonable price and then mail it to all of the voters in your district.

… you will reach voters where they are comfortable, at home!.  People check their mailboxes daily and interact with everything contained therein.

… it can be targeted.  With direct mail you reach only those voters in your district which means less waste. You may also consider a list of specific voters based on political party or interests.  Mailing to a specific list of voters does add to the cost, but provides more flexibility with your message and its arrival in homes.

Our political direct mail programs work because we are here to help you.  With over 20 years of experience in direct mail and political mailings our staff is dedicated to working with you from concept to delivery to help increase your response and return on investment.

How to Use Direct Mail in Your Campaign

  • Candidate Introduction: Introduce yourself to those in your district.  This applies to first-time candidates and long-time incumbents.  Even if you feel that you are on a first name basis with everyone, you still need to be sure that they know you are actively running a campaign and where you stand on important issues.  Political campaign mailers are a great way to make this introduction.
  • Voter education: Mail can effectively be used to educate your district on the issues involved in the current election, voting details such as polling places, absentee ballot instructions and more.
  • Get-out-the-vote: Use direct mail to encourage all voters to participate in the election.
  • Repetition matters:Your mail plan should include multiple contacts with targeted voters over a span of time building toward Election Day.
  • Complement other media:To support the campaign message your direct mail must complement all other communications – not just paid media, but what the candidate is saying while out on the road, what volunteers are saying, etc.
  • Timeline: Many voters aren’t ready to pay attention to a campaign until about 90 days before the election. Plan for 1 or 2 of your mailings to arrive in homes during this key time frame.

How to Design a Political Mailer

A Direct mail piece must be designed in a way that gets its main points across as succinctly as possible.  Here are a few tips:

  • Design: Should reflect your audience – and your candidate. Keep it simple. Consider that you may only have 3-4 seconds to grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to take the time to read more.
  • Sizes: card sizes from postcard to jumbo cards offer the most bang for your buck, but depending on the message a larger folded piece may be more appropriate.
  • Photos/Visual: 40-60% of every piece is made up of photos or graphics. It is important to have high quality photo’s.  Bad photos = bad mail.  It is worth investing in professional photos if you do not have a “really good” photographer already. Avoid bland headshots – use photos of the candidate interacting with real people.
  • Headlines: In general, headlines should be short and there shouldn’t be more than 2-4 headlines/subheadlines on any one mail piece.  As with most rules, there are exceptions. For example, a multi-fold piece may have more headlines but, if produced effectively, the additional headlines and folds are compelling enough to keep the readers’ attention.
  • Formatting: Layout matters. Professional designers will help you to make the most of your mailer by using white space and proper layout techniques to guide a reader to what is most important in your message.  Avoid using too many font types, too much copy, or make copy hard to read.
  • Disclaimer: Can be smaller font – know the rules for when & where to use and what font size is required.
  • Contact info: Be sure you include all ways your audience can reach out to the candidate or the campaign to learn more, contribute or volunteer.


Reach the voters in your district for only pennies per household! 

TMM offers professional political direct mail programs designed to get your message into the hands of your voters.

Our political programs are great for:

  • Candidates & Incumbents
  • Democratic & Republican Committees
  • State of Maine House of Representatives
  • State of Maine Senate
  • Local political offices
  • Public interest campaigns
  • Gross-roots campaigns

Our political programs include:

  • Free custom design
  • Turnkey products & pricing
  • Shared Mail Distribution


From fundraising to campaigning to constituent mailings after the election, let TMM show you how cost effective and successful a direct mail campaign can be.


Contact Nichole Quinn ( for more about our political solutions.


Delivering the RIGHT message, to the RIGHT people, @ the RIGHT time.


TMM does not endorse any candidates and has no affiliation to any political party.

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