Best Writing Advice: Write It Now!


Ever had a writing epiphany? That moment when a great idea, grouping of words, or an awesome introductory sentence that just popped into your head? Could these creatively brilliant thoughts become the basis of a future blog post or article? Possibly. Will you remember them next month, next week, or even tomorrow when you sit down to meet your deadline? Doubtful.

The best advice I received as a new blogger was to “write now & write often”. Why? If you are a busy marketer like me, you are constantly reading blogs and articles, or letting your mind wander as you attend various meetings and yet another webinar. An idea may pop into your head at any time of day (or night) and if you don’t jot it down right way and tuck it away in a folder for future use, it will be gone. Don’t ever say to yourself “what a good idea, I’ll write that next time I sit down to work on my blog.” Ideas come to you at strange times and sometimes as fully formed posts. Don’t lose or dismiss them. Don’t let that initial creative spark disappear simply because it is not “time to write the blog”. Once you have a folder full of brilliant ideas, all you need to do is review it from time to time to find the inspiration (and sometimes the bulk of your content) for your next piece. Want an extra piece of advice? Do write or type your first draft freeform with no thought to structure, spelling, or grammar. All that can come later after you get your ideas out of your head and onto the paper.

While we are on the topic of blogging advice, it is worth noting that there is a lot of it out there. So much that it can be overwhelming to a beginner looking for a few best practice tips. “Set aside time to write everyday” “Write whenever the mood strikes you” “Use a computer” “Write by hand” “Have a format” “Write free form”. You get the idea. The truth is you just have to get started. Just as I did with the piece of advice discussed above, you must pick one or two tips that resonate with you and your style and then just get started. It will take some time and practice to figure out what works for you. Blogging will eventually become an easy habit, a routine, something you just do naturally. You will start to see ideas all around you … talking with friends and colleagues, watching movies, reading, and just walking down the street.

So whatever your thoughts are, on any given topic – write it down now. Hold on to those notes, make changes it if you must, but just get that original idea down on paper the minute it comes to you. It is perfect as it is and you will never remember it as clearly as you do right now.

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