7 Business Resolutions for 2015

blank list of resolutions on blackboardIf you read our last blog post titled “Resolve to Increase Business in 2015” you know why you need to declare New Year’s resolutions for your business and you have a primer for how to go about setting your resolutions. So, have you taken the time to actually go through the process? How did you do? Do you have a clear plan for what you are going to accomplish in 2015? If not, don’t despair. Here is a list of 7 top business resolutions that might work for you in 2015.

Review your business plan
When was the last time you actually looked at your official business plan? Last year? Three Years ago? Not sure? Resolve to review your plan and make any updates or changes needed to keep you on your path to success.

Learn from your past & move on
Create a list of all of the issues and problems that plagued you in 2014. Work on a plan to eliminate them in 2015. It is also a good time to review your product mix, procedures, and even vendors to be sure everything is in line with your goals and if not, make the necessary changes and move on.

Set realistic goals
Make goal setting a habit in 2015 and be sure those goals are realistic and achievable.

Get to know your customers
Create more open channels of communication between you and your customer. Be sure you review and respond to all communications in a timely manner.

Promote your business
Don’t let promotion slip to the bottom of your to do list in 2015. If you want to attract new customers you must make it a priority. Take the time to create a solid marketing plan for the New Year. Need help? Consider working with a marketing expert to create and execute a plan customized for your business needs.

Tidy up your website & improve social channels
As part of your promotional plans, do not let your website and social media channels slide! Review your current sites to be sure they are performing properly and contain fresh and relevant content.

Give something back
Make a New Year’s resolution to find a cause that matters to you and your staff. Encourage everyone to get involved by serving on a committee, becoming a mentor, volunteering, or simply making regular donations to support this cause.

Statistics show that when you declare a New Year’s resolution you are ten times more likely to reach the goals you have set. It may be nearing the end of January already, but it is not too late to get started on the path to resolution success!

If your resolution is to increase business, we can help. Contact us today to find out how.